Google Summer of Code 2021 starts with JBoss(Red Hat)

Get started with open-source

I myself started with opensource in end of the year 2020. Explored a lot of organizations, according to my interest and tech-stack. And I got a list of 20+ orgs, so I took my time, may be a week and gone through the projects of all of them. Then finally I found LibreHealth and JBoss.

I started my opensource journey with LibreHealth. The project was Cost of Care Application which aims to to provide patient friendly costs of care, to help patients get better cost estimates for medical procedures of Hospitals.

GraphQL is an open-source query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. Facebook’s mobile apps have been powered by GraphQL since 2012.

With GraphQL you can define the structure of the data as per client requirements. Hence Server declares what resources are available and the client asks for what it needs. You can get access to multiple resources in a single request or query. And One more thing it only has one endpoint, unlike the REST API. If you wanna learn more about REST API with Golang then go here :

Okay, So…

Go was founded by 2 google Software Engineers. The main Purpose that Golang fulfills is it combines the best of two worlds Java and C++.

Prerequisites :

You Should be ideally using a Code Editor or IDE to write this API (Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Intellij, Atom, or any other)

You must have Go installed on your System. Below are the steps as specified on the Go website.

  1. Go download
  2. Go install
  3. Go code

Let’s deep dive directly into code!

1. Initialize Go Server:

Make a server.go file in the root directory of your folder. The contents for the same are given below.

Do go…

How is google summer of code going with aerogears(RedHat)

How is GSoC going?

My experience with Google Summer of Code and my organisation Aerogear(JBoss) has been so great till now, learning new things everyday has really became a part of my life.

It has been almost 2 months since I got into the program, but it feels like tomorrow! When I started contributing or writing proposal, I was like zero in golang, but comparing then and now, it’s different. In this journey I got to know about some great concepts in golang and again many yet to be explored!

My favorite part about the…

Surge is static web publishing for Front-End Developers, right from the CLI, it’s free of cost and hassle-free.

To get started, you need to have node.js installed on your system. Then install surge globally by running the following command.

npm install --g surge
  1. Open the directory in the terminal in which your static website is located. Like here I am deploying a react application, so I have to build it and go into the build folder.

Windows SubSystem for Linux

The time has gone when Microsoft hated Linux, now they are partnering with canonical and other Linux platforms for optimizing WSL-2 on windows platform. In future updates, we can also see Linux GUI applications directly running on windows as shown below. That's great news for Linux users.

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